Welcome to Quad Town

Reunited and it feels so good! 
After working 52 hours in the last 3 days, I got to ride my bike tonight.  Me and my lil Surly girl (Her name is Misty) headed out to Tiny Piney for the Wed Night Ride.  I had never ridden this route before…a bit nervous that I would end up in the back with some poor soul waiting on me.  I was elated to see some of my friends show up for this one…my bike folk make me smile.
I contemplated doing the 20 miler, but knew I’d be cheating myself if I didn’t go with the 27 mile group…so I sacked up and went for 27.  The group started fairly mellow and eased into a nice, steady pace.  Since I STILL don’t have a bike computer, I had no earthly idea how fast we were going.  I just know that I was breathing hard and sweating profusely by mile 5.  It hurt.
I managed to hang with the main pack for a while, but slowed as we met our first real climb.  Same shit different day.  I’m so used to getting dropped that I wasn’t even phased.  I just put Misty in a big ring and took advantage of the flats, descents and short climbs…those are my strong points.
I got pretty excited to be haulin’ some major booty right before we turned off towards the river.  Little did I know I would meet my arch nemesis…BIG ASS FALSE FLAT.  A guy I was riding with offered to get in front and pull, but I had NEVER had anyone ride my wheel before.  I was kind of excited to give back for all the times I sucked someone’s wheel.  I’ve never really been anything but last, so I wanted to do some work.  And trust me, my happy ass did some work.  I was DYYYYIIIINNNGGGGG.  I felt vomit chunks rising in my esophagus.  My hips hurt…my quads burned.  My lungs hated me.  I kept going.  The next climb was a total nightmare, but I pedaled anyway.
The river was nice and flowy. Big ring.  Fast and fun.  Still not much of a break in sight.  I took another turn in the drivers seat and pulled a couple guys.  They passed me.  Big climb.  Mama was tired.
After a few small climbs and some hardcore pedaling to catch up with the guys in front of me, I made it back to the shop.  Success was mine.  I was pretty happy with my ride considering I hadn’t been on the bike since Saturday.  More than that, I was stoked to go all out.  Tonight was probably the hardest I’ve ever ridden.  Welcome to Quad Town.

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