All this over a new bike??

So the time has come…an opportunity for a new road bike.  I’m fairly limited to what kind to get, how much to spend and my deadline for decisions.  Luckily, a few of the bikes I really like fall under all the restrictions.  Unfortunately, I spent a good part of my afternoon in the shop oogling over various catalogs and comparing specs.  My brain was experiencing serious information overload…

This is what brain overload resembles…
What if the payments are too much?  What if the bike isn’t the right size?  Can I get a better frame somewhere else?  Do I really need Di2?  Do I really need carbon?  Should I just wait until next year?  What if, what if, what if?
You’d think I was making some big life decision…like “should we have a baby?”
Which got me thinking…am I ever gonna have a baby?
Sheesh.  Can’t we just focus on the bike right now?
But, seriously…
Everyday on facebook, I see the baby bumps of all my friends across the globe.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a hater.  It just makes me wonder if I’m headed down the same path.  If I am, I guess I should be moving my feet a little faster because this cougar ain’t gettin’ any younger.  A bigger issue would have to be…well…the other part of the equation that helps create the baby.  I mean, I can’t even find someone I can stand for 5 minutes, so who am I gonna have a baby with?  Hahahah.  Makes me laugh. 
I’ve said it all before and I’ll say it again.  I’m not who I was a decade ago.  Hell, I’m not who I was 5 years ago.  My focus was always on the opposite sex and why they didn’t want to go out with me.  My failed relationships were pretty haggard (yeah I said haggard) and I always felt discouraged.  I spent a great deal of my life being bummed out and lonely, or so I thought.  I had plenty of great friends surrounding me, but I always thought I needed a man.
Ladies, let me be the first to tell ya…you DON’T need a man.  Something snapped inside my little pea brain within the last year…something BIG.  I’m single and don’t really care to mingle.  In fact, there isn’t anyone in the Tri-Cities that I would cut out a Wed Night Ride for.  True dat.  When I find a guy that makes me want to skip a bike ride, I’ll let you know all about him.  Until then, I’ll keep doing my thang just the way I want to. 
Yes, things get boring and lonely at times, but you adjust to that.  I’ve recently been asked out a few times and I’ve declined because I’m “just not that into you”.  I’m way more into my own world right now.  Is that selfish?  Yes, but I spent most of my life trying to please others without giving myself a second thought.  Does this make having children difficult?  Yes.  I don’t really have a better answer for that one…
My point tonight?  Not sure.  I just felt moved to preach the gospel to you ladies out there.  Men too.  Don’t settle for someone just because you are lonely or bored or because you think you’re too old to be single.  Do what you want…live how you want…ride your bike when you want.  All that other noise is bullshit. 
Maybe pulling the trigger on a new bike isn’t that difficult after all??

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