When Rule #9 Isn’t Enough

Second official week as a “cross racer” in the books.  The conditions were epic.  Mud.  Rain.  Cold.  I was nervous as usual and concerned I would finish last.  My heart was where it needed to be, but my body was slow to follow.  
Not many chicks in the Cat 4 race.  I didn’t expect large numbers, but I hoped I would have more competition this time around.  Mostly, I just didn’t want to be last.  My expectations were high…possibly higher than they should have been.
I’ll spare you the play-by-play…if you were there, you know.  The course was technical, sloppy and sketchy.  Mountain bikers had a serious advantage…handling skills were a must!  I did exceptionally well on the backside (which was a slop fest) and died on the front (climbing).  My teammate smoked me two days in a row, but she’s an 11 year-old cross country runner and amazing athlete.  I’ll give myself a break on that one.
Even with the realization that I’m not quite “there” on a fitness level, I am mentally ready to rip the legs off my competition.  I’ve always been super competitive in all my athletic endeavors…it’s hard to shut that off.  I know it’s my first season of CX, but I wanna be strong all around.  I’ve got the technical skills to murder the field, but my motor is something like what you’d find in a Vespa. 
I had a blast both on and off the course (the trees were softer than I thought they’d be)  🙂
The coolest part of the weekend was a super technical “W” in the course.  Saturday wasn’t quite as sloppy as Sunday and we could ride all the way through it.  Many of my friends and other spectators were gathered around to heckle riders as they walked or rode it out.  Lots of screaming and cowbells.  I was motivated to show them I could do it in spite of my burning lungs and rising vomit chunks.  Nothing felt better than surprising both the crowd and myself as I weaved my way through and up those two hills.  It’s what kept me going.
This is my pain cave.
I’ll get there…come hell or high water.  And when I do…you better watch out.  I’m coming for you.

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  1. Autumn says:

    This made me start singing One,Two Freddy's coming for you…. hahaGirl you are rocking it! Keep on Keeping on!

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