Base 1 Week 5


Trying to find a comfortable position isn’t an easy task right now.  A long afternoon on the mountain bike with steady climbing, technical descents and mud drifting make for extremely sore body parts.  You can also add in a little hike-a-bike for good measure.  I’m fairly certain I ended my training week on a good note, although in retrospect, I always think I could have gone “haahdah”.

I feel like week 5 was a successful week for me.  Since I’ve been back on my trusty Surly, gearing has been an issue, but it’s been an effective training tool.  Pushing that 30 lb beast will make me strong.  Between the longer rides, heavy bike and steep climbs, my legs are ready for a rest week.  I can only hope with the recovery comes a little more speed, because Dilworth and NoDa are quickly approaching.

Yes, crit #2 and #3 are next weekend.  Do I feel ready?  Physically, I feel like I’m in a better position than I was before race #1, but mechanically?  I’ll answer that later this week, as I will be receiving/building/riding my “new” road bike all in the same day.  I should have my rad machine by Thursday, leaving for Charlotte Friday, and racing early Saturday morning.  Hey, I raced my first TT, crit and circuit race on a borrowed bike I had ridden no more than 20 minutes.  I can do this, right?

I consider myself lucky, as I spent more than half of my training OUTDOORS this week.  Due to my body not cooperating, I had two hours on the trainer Thursday, which nearly brought me to tears.  I spent most of the day in bed, with a headache, and the last thing I wanted to do was sit on a trainer for two hours.  Thursday was most definitely the low point of my week.

A lot of folks have been giving me shit about riding the trainer, but I’m ok with that.  Sometimes a paramedic’s schedule doesn’t allow for optimal training.  I know I will greatly appreciate all my hard work when September rolls around.  I honestly feel like my second ‘cross season will be one for the books.  I don’t expect to break any world records, but I DO expect to see better results.  I DO expect to compete with the other women, opposed to barely surviving.  I’m ready to see the change.

Training is fun for me.  I like to push the envelope.  I like to see just how far my body will let me take it.  I like to sweat.  I like to taste blood when I breathe.  I like to suffer.  I like to die trying.  If a little hard work goes a long way, I wonder what will happen after A LOT of hard work?

I’ll be gone till September

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