I rode the Thursday Night Ride for the first time since December.  This was the first ‘pack ride’ since last summer.  My goal was to see how long I could hang on before I popped.  Typically, I barely make it 15 minutes before getting dropped on the first substantial climb.

Tonight I made it 45 minutes.

While the fellas weren’t exactly breaking speed records, they were challenging me.  Lots of movement, sprinting, fast climbing, and little to no recovery.  Once we made it to the river road, the pace was close to 30 mph.  I gutted myself.  I hoped they would take a break, if only to catch my breath, but they kept pushing.  Knowing I had a 2 mile climb ahead of me, I let them go.

I was only disappointed for a few minutes, because I climbed Buffalo faster than I have in my lifetime.

Dedication and heart pay off.  A little pedaling, too.  Next year, they’ll be chasing ME.

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  1. Chip says:

    Awesome Young lady!!! Keep and you will get there! You are amazing. It is so much fun to watch your progress and the progress of my son Chris. Both of you have come to racing bike later in the game!!! he is heading up to Davis for a college race this weekend. Back in college after a 6 year stink in the Navy and considers himself the Old man on the team at almost 30.

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