I’m almost a week into my newfound life in Asheville.  While I have no doubts this was the right decision, I’m so very unsettled right now.  My routine is gone.  My job is different.  My surroundings are different.  The way I get up and start my day is different.  I’ve been so used to the melodic ways of my former life, and now my stress level is high.

I feel strange.  I don’t feel like myself.  It’s actually somewhat lonely.  But I know it’s the right thing for me.

No one said doing the right thing was always easy.  So I will wait this out.  I’m surrounded by love and cannot fail.

I will not fail.

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  1. @jallori says:

    Out of the comfort zone is always the right choice. You will not fail.
    One life…. SMASH IT!

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