Fire on the Mountain


After weeks of internal upheaval, I decided to sack up and race Ring of Fire tonight.  I’ll skip all the female theatrics and simply put it this way…

What the ever-loving hell was I doing out there?

The good news?  My fear of crashing was quickly put to rest once the field left me in a cloud of dust.  I managed to lead the first lap, with hopes of snagging the first race prime.  Unfortunately, DIY teenagers are light years faster than I am, and I watched my bag of coffee explode into thin air.  My left hamstring managed to explode as well (maybe I need to get that checked out?).

I figured I would at least get a workout while I waited for the pack.  I busted out my best solo TT steez, and it actually took a while for the group to catch me.  It was at this point I realized how hard it is to get back on when you’re not very fast.  Needless to say, I sucked.  The velodrome is tough.

And it was a million degrees outside.


I have no doubts that I’m my own worst enemy.  I put so much pressure on myself to succeed at everything I do.  I know I’m not ready…I’m not there.  I’ve said it time and time again.

It doesn’t make the disappointment any easier.

So, I sulked for a while and shed a couple of tears in the presence of some amazingly supportive people.  And I live to ride another day.


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  1. PJ Ruddy says:

    Just don’t stop…

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