All Heart

It’s no big secret that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I try to act tough, push people away, and keep my game face on for as long as possible. Those who’ve had an opportunity to get to know the me, understand my inner workings. I’m straight emo. I’m all heart, kid.

My brother has taught me a lot about the bike. The bike can help you through the toughest of times. Sometimes, the bike is ALL we’ve got. Sometimes, we have to take out our frustrations on those little pedals.

To suffer is to live. To live is to suffer. And I want to feel physical pain to match my heart. Go all out. When you’re dying on the bike, you can’t feel sorry for yourself.

Spivey Mountain did that for me.

Legs cramped. Stomach felt sick. Lungs burned. My head was dizzy. I didn’t stop. I wanted to hurt.

Heart on my sleeve, always. Cursed? Maybe. But I wouldn’t live any other way. This is me.

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