Maybe Someday Reprise

Yep.                   No I won’t do it again, I don’t want to pretend If it can’t be like before I’ve got to let it end I don’t want what I was, I had a change of head But maybe someday… Yeah maybe someday I’ve got to let…

It is better to follow your own life purpose poorly, than to do another’s perfectly. You are safe from harm when you follow your own unique path. ~ Bhagavad Gita 3.35

I forgot how racing my bike creates a white noise.  Nothing can penetrate it. 

Everyone is fucked up.

It’s been a bumpy road, but the ride was totally worth it.  Lots of crashes along the way, but I wouldn’t have chosen a different path.  I’m forever changed.  I’ll never forget the way I felt when it was good. 

People can think they know me or my life or my situations.  You can think your opinion matters.  Truth is, unless you are directly involved in a piece of my life, your opinion is transparent.  I don’t see it and wouldn’t give it a second look if I could.  The world would be a better…

Silver linings

I like not having Facebook. I don’t have to shave my legs everyday. I have a lot of time to myself.     I liked shaving my legs everyday. Fuck relationships.  

A Letter to Elise

oh elise it doesn’t matter what you say i just can’t stay here every yesterday like keep on acting out the same the way we act out every way to smile forget and make-believe we never needed any more than this any more than this oh elise it doesn’t matter what you do i know…

Sometimes people do stupid things. Own up to it and hope the world forgives you. Own up to it and hope you didn’t ruin something great.