I traced each word with my finger, taking a moment to relish in the warmth of conversation.  It had been too long.  My rational thought began to fade, and the excitement of forward movement overwhelmed me.  I felt like a child trying to sneak a cookie from the cookie jar, without being caught.  It seemed too soon.  I was scared.  The potential for sabotage was so high, but my ability to live in the moment took over, and my doubts disappeared.

After a night of painful dreams and uncomfortable sleep, I awoke to red flags and sirens.  The progress I had made was shattered in a matter of seconds, and my guard was nothing more than an afterthought.  That’s the amazing thing about love.  Platonic, romantic, or even the love for a child…it breaks down walls.  Nothing can contain it.  It overpowers every emotion, and no one is safe from it.


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  1. silverback says:

    …on amazingly parallel paths. I feel your pain, in real fucking time. It’s not comfortable, and I find myself seeking something – ANYTHING – to ease the pain. Even if it’s bad for me. Even if ti’s going to hurt me even more in the long run. I do not like feeling bad NOW. What do we do but pour everything into killing ourselves on the bike or on a run or pushing too hard/fast on the moto? I dig what you’re doing here. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that feels maybe a little too much.

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