Christmas “Brake”

The smell of wrapping paper fills the air.  The Christmas tree shines in the moonlight.  The echo of laughter can be heard throughout the house, as family joins together to celebrate whatever it is they define as Christmas.  For some, this is the typical holiday scenario.  There’s another side to this scenario, though, and many of us are trudging through the muck just to get to the other side.  The new year.  We simply want to wake up on the other side of December 31st.

I think we’re all in search of something right now.  Even if you don’t talk about it, you’re desperately seeking change for 2014.  Whether it’s change within yourself, or hopes for change within someone else, you’re searching.  Everything has room for improvement.  Nothing is perfect, and I think we ALL set expectations high up on a pedestal.  How can we grow into something better if our expectations aren’t even within an arm’s reach?

Look deep within yourself.  Is there anything you’ve been hiding?  Have you been stuffing your true self into the darkness, in fear of getting hurt?  Have you been wavering on that tightrope, afraid to keep walking, in fear of falling to your demise?  Have you been afraid of living…I mean, REALLY living…because you’ve never really learned how to live in the first place?  We don’t have a lot of time to be afraid of living, because life is short, and we’re not promised to be here for any specific length of time.

So you better start living before it’s too late.

Find that place you’ve been hiding from yourself.  Grab it with both hands and refuse to let go.  Don’t be afraid of failure, because that’s the true beauty of growth.  We can’t grow until we fail.  We can’t fail until we live.  We can’t live until we let go.  So I urge you all to finally let go of whatever it is that’s been holding you back.  Go into the new year with a fresh perspective.  Let go of any expectations and live life as it comes.  Don’t fight it.  You owe yourself a lot more than you’re allowing.  You owe yourself an opportunity to feel, to love, to live, and to grow.  Don’t get stuck in the muck from the past.  The future is yours, but you can’t be afraid…

Fear is toxic.

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