There’s something about that Ah-Ha moment…you realize how far you were from what you deserved.  The excuses you made for not getting what you wanted fade into the truth.  The closeness was real, the feelings were real, but there was something wrong from the start.  Those deep-rooted fears you had in the beginning were actually real.

It was forced.

It was forced.

It was forced.

That person you fell in love with has changed into a person you no longer identify with.  That person you connected with is gone, and you are faced with the fact it was probably wrong from the start.  You CAN’T fix the broken.  You CAN’T mold people into your image.  You CAN’T make someone love you, even if they might, when they’re not even sure if they love themselves.

You have to let it go.  Let them go.  No matter what you thought you had, it’s gone, and it’s time to move on.  It wasn’t meant to be, and you deserve everything you thought you could live without.  It’s the fuckin’ ugly truth.

But the truth will eventually set you free.

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