I just spent an hour blogging some really good ish, but I clicked on the wrong button and lost it all.

I’ll save you guys a bunch of emotional reading and just skip to the moral of my story:

STOP BEING AFRAID AND JUST GO FOR IT.  Who cares if you get hurt.  That’s why we have first aid kits and therapists. Duh.


I protected myself last night. My therapist would be proud.

But it still sucks.


The white noise came back tonight.  I forgot how it felt to be in the midst of it all, yet not feel a thing.  Everything was transferred into my legs, moved through my pedals, and came out on the road.  It was freeing…but when the wheels stop, where do you go?

I’ve built a new engine, and the fuel is BIG.  I have to be careful not to blow it up, because I want to come out of the gate like cannon ball.  I want it all on the outside.

The bike is an extension of every emotion I’ve ever felt.  My riding is an expression of every emotion I’ve ever felt.  I filter my life into the cadence that pushes my wheels across the ground.

And right now…there’s too much.  Too much.






When a song can say everything you wanna say, and more.  Just leave it alone.