I am awesome all by myself. You bros are too much fucking trouble. I’m so glad I’m too awesome for your shit.

That’s my fuckin’ problem.

So, looks like my favorite hip hop jam has turned acoustic. This chick knows what’s up, and I feel her shit like WOAH. I love emotionally unavailable dudes, that’s my fuckin’ problem. Look for the remix to drop this winter.

A Love Like This

For the last couple of weeks, my Facebook feed has been nothing but Jam Fund podiums and Richard Sachs’ “Testing Positive For…” photo albums.  I’m not complaining.  I was mentally exhausted this past January, and very much ready for ‘cross season to end, but now I’m charged.  Cyclocross feels new again, as I’m sure most…


Tonight I was reminded where it all started.  These guys totally get me.